Would you rather like to book at a real person than on your personal computer? No problem!

Tickets for our intercity bus routes are also available in our local partner travel agencies. Just contact one of our travel agents and get your ticket easily!

If you want a low-priced ticket and a reserved seat, but don’t want to book online, then please feel free to contact our partner travel agents, they would love to make your bookings.

Our partner travel agencies provide a lot of payment possibilities and also accept payment by cash. And the best: you always get the current online fare and a personal expert advice!

Bookings in travel agencies are possbile until one day before departure, please take care that some few agencies charge a small reservation fee of 3 € per booking.

Please see the following list for all partner travel agencies and their contact information.

Spontaneous? Buy your ticket at the bus!

You are a spontaneous person? No problem! You can buy your ticket directly at the coach before departure. Just ask our bus drivers, they are pleased to help you!

Please keep in mind that tickets at the bus are only sold, if there are enough free seats left. If all tickets were sold out before, passengers with online and travel agency bookings have priority.


Online-booking? Safe and easy at any time!

Online tickets are available all around the clock. The booking procedure is safe, easy to understand and you get your ticket immediately.

If you have problems with booking online, please check this walkthrough. It will help you through the booking procedure.