Passenger rights: Your rights – our obligations!

Your passenger rights are described in EU Regulation No. 181/2011 on passenger rights in motor transport. If something has not gone so well or you have a reason to complain, this regulation provides a legal basis.

If you have something to complain about, or just have more questions about your passenger rights, do not hesitate to contact us. Beyond the legal passenger rights your satisfaction with is our top priority. After all, it is for your safety and comfort that we are working so hard every day. Your feedback helps us to solve problems in the fastest way.


We wish you a pleasant and safe trip!


Overview of the rights of the EU regulation:

  • No one may be discriminated against on the basis of nationality as regards tariffs and terms of contract.
  • You are entitled to the issuance of (possibly electronic) tickets or other documents.
  • You are entitled to appropriate travel information during the entire trip, in case of cancellation or late arrival.
  • You are entitled to provide information on the rights under this Regulation. You can get all information directly from the bus driver or on this page. As a passenger with disability or reduced mobility, this information will be made available to you on request in an accessible form if this is feasible.
  • In case of cancellations or a delay of 90 minutes or more for trips that are scheduled to take 3 hours or more, you will be entitled to snacks, meals and refreshments, if necessary for up to two nights in a total of up to 80 euros per night. Exceptions are cancellations or delays due to adverse weather conditions or severe natural catastrophes.
  • In the case of overbooking, cancellation or departure of more than 120 minutes, the passenger can decide whether to get a reimbursement of the ticket price or get rebooked. In the case we do not offer you this option ourselves, you also have a claim for a compensation of 50% of the fare.
  • You are entitled to protection and assistance in case of personal injury, loss or damage resulting from an accident. This also includes a reimbursement of up to two nights' accommodation at a total cost of up to 80 euros per night.
  • As a passenger with disability or reduced mobility, you must not be discriminated against. This means that you have the same entitlement to transport, in so far as your non-valid health requirements or safety regulations, the type of construction of the vehicle or the infrastructure of the stop are opposed. If necessary, you can be accompanied free of charge by an escort who provides the necessary assistance to enable the transport.
  • As a passenger with disability or reduced mobility, you are entitled to financial compensation in the amount of the replacement value or the repair costs in case of loss or damage to your mobility aid or auxiliary equipment.
  • As a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility, you are entitled to free, appropriate support at designated bus stations.
  • Your rights as a passenger can be read in detail in the EU regulation 181/2011 (German / English).

The national enforcement body for passenger rights in long-distance bus transport is the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt (EBA). You can contact them if you believe that the legally guaranteed passenger rights have not been complied with and that we have not handled your complaint adequately. You reach them as follows:

Heinemannstraße 6
53175 Bonn
Tel +49 228 30795-400
Fax: +49 228 30795-499