Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the following we provide answers to the most asked questions.

Questions about the journey

What do I need to hop on the bus?

The bus driver is equipped with a list of all passenger names who booked a seat. Consequently, you do not have to print and bring your booking confirmation. But please bring your identity card or passport with you so that you can prove to the bus driver that you are the right passenger. No proof of identity - no boarding!

ATTENTION: Please note, that it is necessary to print your ticket if you travel from or to Prague. The busdriver will ask you to show him the ticket.

How do I find the bus?

The exact point of departure will be indicated in your booking confirmation that you will receive via email after registration. Furthermore, a sign showing the logo of is located in the front of the bus.

Unfortunately, not all buses are labelled with the logo of but only with the logo of our partner company. In case you are not able to find your bus, please call us and indicate your booking number. The telephone number can be found on your booking confirmation.

Can I take part in the journey spontanously without booking online?

Sure you can participate the journey without booking before. In that case you buy your ticket at the bus driver. Since Limburg and Titisee are requested stops, you need to book a ticket online if you want to start your journey in Limburg or Titisee.

The ticket prices at the bus driver are higher than our online prices but for that you can enjoy your flexibility. But please consider: If the bus is full, you cannot take it.

When do I have to be at the point of departure?

Please be at the bus at least 15 minutes before departure time. We depart punctually and, out of consideration for other passengers, we cannot wait for you.   

How many pieces of luggage can I carry with me?

You may bring a normal piece of luggage (not exceeding 20 kg) and one small hand luggage.

According to my schedule, I need to change busses. How does that work?

For information about changing busses please refer to your booking confirmation. In case you have to change, we hope our few points about “how to change” make it as easy as possible to find your connecting bus!

- At Stuttgart Airport and Tübingen your connecting bus is normally waiting for you, ready to depart.

- There are a few more cities for changing like Freiburg, Heidelberg and Munich.The duration of transfer can vary, so please take a look on your booking confirmation for the departure of your connecting bus. Please stay in the surrounding of the bus station, so you will be on time!

- Road closures, traffic jams and diversions: Sometimes it takes more time! And for that we are constantly in touch with our bus drivers. If your connection is delayed, our “get-home”-guarantee applies: if your journey includes a connection, we guarantee that you get to your destination - even in case of delays.

- Please ensure that your baggage comes with you from one bus to the other. Your bus driver will surely help you with that.

May I take food and beverages on the bus?

Yes, but only cold food and beverages. Be considerate of other passengers when eating or drinking on board.

Is there a toilet on board?

All buses organised by are equipped with toilets. If there is none – you are sitting in the wrong vehicle ;-)

What about breaks during the journey?

Normally there are no breaks. Of course we consider the driving and rest periods of the bus driver.

Can the bus driver allow me to enter and exit the bus somewhere on the way?

Additional stops (embarking and disembarking along the route) are only possible on buses with closed groups which rented the bus privately. Individual stops are not possible on all other routes.

Is there a compulsory wearing of seat belts?

Yes, there is a compulsory wearing of seat belts. Think of your safety!

To whom do I refer to in case of questions during the journey?

If there are any questions left please refer to the bus driver or call us. The telephone number you can find on your booking confirmation. We will be happy to help you.

Students, children, disabled people, pensioners: Is there something special to consider?

If you count yourself to one of those groups above, have a look in our category "Special passengers".

What is actually the spirit of life?

Hedonism, Hinduism, Humanism - everyone tells something else! Some people also say the answer to this question is forty-two. We don’t know exactly. But we know: Travelling is not that far from purpose. At best with and a window seat. Safe journey, wonderful life!  ♥