Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the following we provide answers to the most asked questions.

Questions about searching and booking a bus journey, how does it work? emerged from the idea of a car sharing agency. Individuals form a group for a particular route and search for passengers to join. When enough people registered for the route organises the trip, including bus and driver.

Nowadays is a german coach operator with a fixed schedule and guaranteed departure times. The present schedule already includes the following routes:

Frankfurt am Main – Mannheim – Heidelberg – Karlsruhe – Offenburg – Freiburg – Titisee – Singen – Konstanz – Freiburg

Freiburg – Titisee – Villingen-Schwenningen – Rottenburg am Neckar – Tübingen – Reutlingen – Stuttgart – Ulm – Augsburg – München

Konstanz – Singen – Tübingen – Stuttgart

Marburg – Gießen – Siegen – Köln – Aachen

Freiburg – Offenburg – Kehl – Straßburg – Saarbrücken – Trier – Koblenz – Bonn – Köln

Köln – Bonn – Worms –  Frankfurt am Main – Mannheim – Heidelberg – Karlsruhe – Offenburg – Freiburg

Frankfurt am Main – Limburg – Bonn – Köln – Aachen

Tübingen – Stuttgart – Heilbronn – Heidelberg – Frankfurt am Main

Tübingen – Stuttgart – München

München – Augsburg – Stuttgart

München – Prag – München

München – Ingolstadt – Nürnberg – Erlangen – Würzburg – Frankfurt am Main – Limburg – Bonn – Köln

Who is allowed to travel with you?

No matter if student, senior or minister – all passengers are warmly welcomed!

How do I get a ticket?

There are different possibilities to buy a ticket for your next journey with You can easily buy a ticket online on our website: Alternatively you could call our hotline and we do the job for you - in this case there will be a 3 € service fee.

If you want to travel spontaneously, you could also buy your ticket at the coach - just ask the bus driver. Please consider, that the bus driver only sells tickets if there are free seats. Or maybe you prefer your ticket in a travel agency where you will be adviced about our offer? Take a look on our list with partner travel agencies selling our tickets and benefit from the low online prices.

I would like to book tickets for me and my friends. Is that possible?

In one booking procedure you can book up to 4 tickets at the same time. Just put in your name and your friend's name! That's it.

Can I reserve a particular seat?

No. Unfortunately, you cannot reserve a particular seat. You can choose your preferred seat yourself if you are early enough at point of departure.

How can I pay my ticket?

If you buy your ticket online, you can easily pay by credit card, direct debit, direct banking or PayPal. You choose the option you like the most. If you like to book by phone, you can pay your ticket cash.

I want to pay by direct debit. How long does it take until the amount is debited from my account?

It might takes up to two weeks until the amount is debited from your account. But don't worry: as long as you get your booking conformation via E-Mail, you can participate on the journey you have booked.

How can I make a phone booking?

That is easy! Please call +49 69 17 53 73 200 (Monday-Friday, 10am - 6pm, local phone). We would like to know then…

  • the choosen route and date

  • if any: number and names of your accompanying friends

  • your adress, your mobile phone number and mail address

Booking a ticket by phone is possible up to 1 hour before departure.

Help! I haven´t received a booking confirmation yet.

Have you already checked your mailbox spam? If you can't find it there, just call us on +49 69 17 53 73 200 (Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm, local phone) or mail us (