Frequently Asked Questions

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+ My coupon code is not accepted when booking. What can I do?

If you receive an error message when entering your coupon codes, this can have several reasons. Please first double check whether any spelling mistakes were made. Also, please check whether the code is still valid. Please also check whether you added a blank space before or after the code (this can easily happen when copying the code and pasting it in the field). Another reason may be that the conditions of the voucher does not include the selected trips. For example: The discount may only be valid for a single trip, but you have a return ticket in your shopping cart. In this case, please book both trips seperately. For more information on the conditions, you can find in the previous answer in this FAQ. Should redeeming the voucher still not work, you can caontact our passenger service where we can look into the matter!

+ How can I redeem a coupon?

If you have a coupon, you can redeem it during the online booking in the shopping cart. Insert the code in the corresponding field and click on apply coupon code. The amount in the shopping cart is automatically discounted. Per booking, only one coupon code can be redeemed. If the voucher value exceeds the value in the cart, the residual value expires. A cash payment of the voucher amount is not possible.
Note that vouchers may be subject to certain conditions and do not always apply to all rides. They do not apply to other products (such as fees, CO2 compensation, etc.). The conditions of the coupon code are usually communicated next to where you got the coupon code from.

+ What payments options are availabale?

Payment method, payment method, Barzahlen, credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, SEPA direct debit, purchase on invoice, payment on the spot, ticket purchase travel agency, ticket purchase from the bus driver, ticket, cash purchase, cash, debit card,

If you book your ticket online on, you can easily pay by credit card, direct banking, direct debit or with PayPal. You can choose your favourite option. If you book your ticket by telephone, you can pay cash (by In our cooperating travel agencies you can usually pay by cash or with your debit card. At the bus you can only buy a ticket by cash.

+ I want to pay my ride by direct debit. When will the money be debited?

PayPal, direct debit, cash collection, debit,

It can take up to two weeks until the money will be debited from your account. If the amount has not yet been recovered before your journey, you can of course still take the trip. As long as you will receive your order confirmation e-mail, everything should be fine!

+ I booked a ride and did not receive a confirmation email.

No confirmation, no ticket, no ticket, no order confirmation,

There could be several reasons for this situation: Maybe your reservation confirmation has arrived in the spam filter. If you cannot find it there, please send us a message. We will then resend you the booking confirmation.

+ How does the booking on the phone work?

Telephone booking, telephone, hotline, ticket, ticket, bus ticket, service charge,

It is really easy! Just call +49 69 17 53 73 200. We need the following information from you...

  • Your chosen route and travel date
  • Your name and eventually the number and names of your accompanying friends
  • Your address, your mobile phone number (to contact you in case of a delay) and your e-Mail address
  • Please be aware: Booking a ticket by telephone is possible up to 1 hour before departure.

+ I want to book several seats for me and my friends.

Group, large group, small group, many people, several passengers

Small groups, large groups - everyone is welcome! You can book up to four seats in one purchae. Just enter your name and the names of your passengers and you are ready to go. Are you a grouo of 5 people or more? On some routes we offer special group rates. Feel free to contact us via our contact form and we will offer you a special rate as soon as possible.

+ Can I reserve a specific seat?

Seat reservation, reserve a seat, fixed seat, sit where you like

Every passenger who has booked a ticket on is guaranteed a seat. On the bus, seating is allocated according to the motto: first come, first served.

+ How can I get a ticket?

Buy ticket, book, ticket, online, phone, telephone, travel agent, agency, bus driver, on site, reservation, book a ticket bus spontflexibel

There are four ways that to get your ticket:

  • on our website:
    You can easily buy a ticket online on This is the fastest possibility and you benefit from our cheap online prices!
  • by telephone on +49 69 / 17 53 73 200:
    Our customer service is pleased to provide some advice. The customer service team will help you to find the perfect bus ride and will book the ticket for you - in this case there will be a 3 € service fee. If you book by telephone, it is only possible to pay by cash.
  • in a travel agency:
    Maybe you prefer to buy your ticket in a travel agency where you will be advised about our offer? Then have a look at our list with partner travel agencies selling our tickets and benefit from our low online prices.
  • directly at the bus driver: If you want to travel spontaneously, you can also buy your ticket by cash at the coach - just ask our friendly bus driver. Please consider, that the bus driver is only able to sell tickets if there are free seats. Our flexibility prices at the bus are usually a little bit higher as the online prices, therefore you benefit from higher flexibility.
Please be aware, that in this case we can't guarantee a free seat in the second bus if you buy a ticket with a change directly at the coach. Only tickets booked in advance can guarantee a seat in both busses.

Your Journey

+ Is there anything special I have to take care when when I am a student, retired or if I purchase a ticket for my children?

Student, senior citizen, child, baby, toddler, young, old,

There are some things to consider if you belong to one of the groups mentioned above. Please head to the section forspecial passengers.

+ Do I have to wear a seat belt?

Seat belts, seat belts, belt, strap, angurten, child seat, child seat duty infant carrier Maxicosi,

All passengers must wear seat belts while driving. By the way: Officially, children are not requried to sit on a special child seat while driving, but you can bring a seat with you if you want to. Booster seats must not be used because they are not suitable for lap belts. For babies, we recommend using a baby carrier that can be attached to the lap belt.

+ Is there a toilet on board?

Toilet, toilets, toilet

All the buses we use have a toilet on board. We work every day to use more beautiful and comfortable buses on all routes of In some rare cases it can happen that a replacement bus operates which has no toilet on board. In these cases, we make sure to include toilet breaks on the way. For smaller and larger emergencies you can of course also talk to your bus driver!

+ How do I find the bus?

recognize departure, stop, foiling, branding, logo, bus, sign in labeling, bus number,

The exact departure point of your bus is shown on our overview pages as well as in the the reservation confirmation you receive by email. In some cities, there are various stops. Your booking confirmation states the exact stop of your selected trip.
Note that the many of our offered journeys are operated by partner companies and therefore do not have branding. On your booking confirmation you can see which companies operates the respective journey and to which bus you have to look out for. If you are unsure, you may just ask the bus driver! If you cannot find the bus, just call the hotline. You can also find the number in your booking confirmation.

+ Can I just show up to the bus, even though I did not purchase a ticket beforehand?

spontaneous, flexible, short-term, no booking, no booking spot, the bus driver, cash, cash, online not booked,

On some of our routes you can purchase a ticket directly from the bus driver, in case there are still spots available. Please note, that the bus driver does not accept card payments, but only cash. To find out whether this booking option is available on your connection, please check on our website for the selected trip by hovering the mouse over the price. The cash price is slightly higher than in previous online price. Note that when purchasing a ticket for a trip that contains a switch of buses, we cannot guarantee that there will be enough spots left on the second bus. A guarantee is only available for online bookings.

+ Do I need to bring my travel confirmation and my ID?

ID card, ID required, document, identity card, passport, photo ID, student ID, driver's license,

After successfully booking your ticket, you will recevie a confirmation by e-mail. Please print the attached PDF document and show it to the bus driver when entering. Make sure to also bring a valid identification document (ID card, passport, driving license, etc.).

+ What is the meaning of life?

Travel, travel, bus travel, adventure, sense hedonism, Hinduism, humanism, life

Hedonism, Hinduism, humanism - everyone says something different. Some also say that the answer to the question of the meaning of life is forty-two.. We also do not know exactly. We only know that traveling is not far away from it. The best is of course travelling with, sitting near the window and looking outside. Great travel, great life! ♥

+ Who do I contact if I have questions during the ride?

Ask, ask obscurities, lift run, bus drivers,

If you have any questions during your trip, feel free to ask the bus driver or contact us directly.

+ Does the bus make pauses?

Pause latch, interrupt, stop, rest, rest, rest period, breather driving and rest times,

Trips that last no longer than three hours are usually done without a break. Of course we comply with the statutory driving and rest times.

+ Can I just get off the bus along the route?

Stop, boarding, alighting, boarding, disembarking, maintenance,

Unfortunately it is not possible to stop along the way to let passengers in and out. When renting an entire bus including drive, stop are of course possible by individual arrangement. Please talk to us on this.

+ How do I know if my bus is on time?

live tracking live-tracking spy bus monitor

In general, our buses are very punctual. But even if we do everything we can, certain events can cause delays. If your bus is delayed, we will send you a text message to the number that you specified in the booking process. If in doubt, our passenger service is always there for you!

On some trips you can also check the live location of the bus by entering your booking confirmation code on our Spy.

+ Can I bring food and drinks with me?

Drinks, food, food, snacks, cold food, hot food, drink, water, soft drinks,

Yes, but please only bring cold food and drinks. We also offer you drinks for reasonable prices on the bus. Please be considerate to your passengers while eating and drinking on board. Do not be a cookie monster!

+ When should I be at the bus stop prior departure?

Departure, check-in, check-in, Log,

Please review in your booking confirmation when exactly You must be at the departure. We recommend to be no later than 15 minutes before departure at the bus stop, unless otherwise indicated on your booking confirmation. The bus leaves on time and can - out of consideration for the other passengers - not wait.

+ In the timetable it says that I have to change buses. How does that work?

Change, switch, connecting bus, F olgebus, change,

For information about changing busses please refer to your booking confirmation. In case you have to change, we hope our few points about how to change make it as easy as possible to find your connecting bus:

  • At Stuttgart Airport and in Tübingen your connecting bus is normally waiting for you at the same location where you are arriving, ready to depart.  
  • Road closures, traffic jams and diversions: Sometimes it just takes more time! And for that reason we are constantly in touch with our bus drivers. If your bus is delayed, our get-home-guarantee applies: if your journey includes a connection with change, we guarantee that you get to your final destination - even in case of delays.
  • Please ensure that your luggage is transferred when changing busses. Your bus driver will surely help you with that.    
    Please be aware, that we cannot guarantee a free seat in the second bus if you buy a ticket with a change directly at the coach. If you buy your ticket online, you have the guarantee of a free seat in both busses.


+ Do you also offer citytrips?

Group, bus hire, sightseeing, guides is specialized on getting you from A to B. We do not have our own travel guides. However, if you write us a request via the booking form and let us know your wishes, we will see what we can do!

+ Are the bus and its driver available for the entire day?

Sequence, group bus hire, bus driver,

In the fireld comments/Anmerkeungen of the inquiry form you can tell us all your wishes. This includes whether the bus and the bus driver should be available for you all day.

+ Does the bus drive to our desired pick up points and times?

Drain, group, bus hire, custom quote,

If you rent the entire bus as a group, you decide where you start and where you want to arrive! Please contact us and we can find the best offer for your individual needs.

+ Is the fare going to be cheaper if more than 30 people want to ride with us on the bus?

Group, bus hire, more than 30, large group, large group, discount, discount, custom quote,

Please let us know the number of passengers you expect as precisely as possible. Our offer includes a fixed price for the entire bus. The more passengers you are, the lower the price for the individual is.

+ What are the options for travelling as a group?

Group, large group, small group, many people, more passengers, more passengers, bus hire, Busbuchung, group rate, VergünstiguBuspreis, Group offering bus services, from 5, less than 5

A bus ride within a group of friend can be fun! First of all: What type of group are you? A rough division will be made between:

  • groups of more than 5 persons on a scheduled ride
  • a closed group that wants to charter a bus

You need some support on decision making? Just give us a call!

+ What happens if our group would like to cancel again?

Cancellation, cancellation, group, group bookings

For group tours, different cancellation policies apply. You can find these on the group offer that you will receive from us.

+ Can we sit together on the bus?

Group sit, seat reservation,

True to the motto first come, first served, those who are in the bus first also get to choose their seats first.

+ We are a united group and want to rent an entire bus. How's that working?

Group, coach hire, group rate, group offer, non-binding offer,

Just send us an inquiry using our contact form. We will come back to you with an offer. The offer sounds good to you? Excellent! Just let us know and we will take care of the rest!

+ We are a group of five people or more, and want to ride on one of your scheduled trips!

Group, large group, many people, several passengers, several riders group rate, discount, Bus price, group offering bus services, from 5,

On certain routes, we offer discounted rates for groups of 5 people or more. Just send us an-email! Please let us know the desired bus trip (departure/arrival) and number of passengers.

+ We are less than five people. Nevertheless, I would like to book for me and my friends.

small group, less than five, group, large group, many people, several passengers, several riders group rate, discount, BuspreGruppenangebot, bus services, from 5

You can book each way up to 4 seats at once.


+ How much baggage can I take?

Luggage, bulky luggage, extra baggage, suitcase, trolley, backpack, travel bag, bag, musical instruments, furniture, sports equipment

On most routes, you are allowed to take up to two pieces of luggage with you. One some routes, you can even take as many pieces of luggage as you can carry. We accept the following pieces as regular luggage: suitcases, bags and backpacks. Bikes, musical instruments, furniture, sports articles or ski equipment and other big pieces of luggage are excluded. They count as bulky luggage. If you want to know which rules applies on your selected routed, feel free to contact us using our contact form.
The number of your check in luggage depends on the available capacity of the trunk. If there is not enough capacity we cannot guarantee the transport of all your luggage. The bus driver is responsible to decide whether you can take your luggage or not.
Carry-on luggage is allowed to take on board. For safety reasons it can be necessary to put the carry-on luggage in the trunk. This decision will be made by the driver.
All luggage including carry-on luggage must be properly packed and labelled with your name, your address and your phone number. We kindly advise you to mark your luggage so, that it is easy to identify to beware of mistaken identity.

+ Can I take my bike?

Bike, sport bike, mountain bike, e-bike

On certain lines, we can also take your bike. The rules that apply are similiar to the ones that apply to bulky luggage. Please ask us prior to booking your ticket, whether it is possible to take the bicycles on your selected route. We can then check if it is possible and whether there is enough room for it on the bus. For every bike we charge you 9 € per piece, which must be paid directly to the bus driver. Please note, that is not liable for any damage that may result from the transport.

+ Are strollers and wheelchairs carried free of charge?

Stroller, wheelchair, orthopedic aids, crutches, walkers,

Yes, of course, strollers, wheelchairs and all other orthopedic devices (such as Crutches, etc.) are carried free of charge.
Please report this prior to the trip via the contact form so we can determine if there is enough space on the bus. If you need to bring a wheelchair, it is necessary to let us know at least 72 hours before departure. Please note that we cannot take electric wheelchairs because of the high weight.

+ May I also take bulky luggage?

Luggage, bulky luggage, extra baggage, suitcase, trolley, backpack, travel bag, bag, musical instruments, furniture, sports equipment

On certain lines, we can carry bulky items such as musical instruments or sports equipment. Please ask prior to your trip/booking through our contact form whether the transportation of bulky luggage is possible with on your selected route. If so, we will check whether enough storage space is available and reserve the necessary space for your bulky luggage. For this we charge a fee of € 9.00 per bag, which must be paid upon boarding the bus driver in cash.

+ Can you take my luggage aboard, even if I am not riding myself?

Luggage unaccompanied baggage without passenger, baggage without passenger, baggage allowance

No, unfortunately that is not possible. We can take your luggage on the bus ride only if you yourself are riding in the bus.

Lost & Found

+ I forgot something on board. What now?

Lost property, forget left lying, purse, jacket, hat, jacket, bag, travel bag, suitcase, shawl,

Please fill out the lost property form on our contact page. We will take care of your request as soon as possible! We will get back to you as soon as possible.


+ What are online savings rates?

Prices, tariffs, low prices, price levels, contingent,

When booking online, you will get the best rates possible. The number of the tickets with the lowest fares depends on the demand and availability of spots. Our low prices are divided into several quotas or price levels. If all tickets of a certain price level are sold out, you will receive the next cheapest ticket. The reason for the different price levels lies in the better planning for us: If you book early, you will be rewarded with a cheaper price!

+ Do children get a disounted rate?

Children, toddlers, babies, minors,

On many lines, we offer a 50% discount on the ticket amount that an adult would pay for children up to 15 years. Cancellation fees, excess baggage tickets and travel agency surcharge are not reduced for children. The children's discount applies only when the child is accompanied by at least one adult traveling. Children traveling alone pay the full price.

+ Is there a discount for a carer?

Disability, handicap, impairment, Mobitätseinschränkung, companion, escort, guide dogs, wheelchair, walker, crutches, orthopädiscHilfsmittel

You are in need of help on your journey? Feel free to take an assistant that supports you during the ride. Accompanying persons travel with free on all domestic lines, if all the statutory requirements are met. Prerequisite for the free transport of an accompanying person is a German disabled pass that includes the label B
If you do not own a disabled person's pass but you are a person with reduced mobility you can also be accompanied by another person for free. Please send us a valid documents which shows that there is a necessity of having an assistance person with you while you are travelling.
We ask in each case to an advance reservation through our contact form at least 72 hours before departure. Guide dogs are exmpt from this rule. They always travel free of charge. However, we ask for prior registration with submission of documents that it is a registered guide dog.

Cancel or Change Booking

+ I booked a trip and do not want to take it anymore. How can I cancel my booking?

Cancel, cancel, cancellation, partial cancellation, partial cancellation cancel, cancel, return, cancel, do not participate, sick, prevents absentia

Different cancellation policies apply for different routes. On most routes, you can expect to get a partial refund of your trip.
If you want to inform yourself about the cancellation policy on your route, you can find this in the booking process on our website.
If you have already booked the trip, the cancellation policy that applies to your trip can be found in your booking confirmation.
Of course you can also contact us at any time to ask for help.
Cancellations are only possible through our contact form.

+ How can I change my ride?

Rebook, transfer, transfer, embarrassed, move,

On many routes booked on, changes are possible - and often even free of charge
. To see the conditions for your specific case, please refer to your booking confirmation.
The rebooking conditions are also displayed in the booking process. Of course, you can ask for the conditions of a certain ride via telephone any time.
If rebooking is possible for your ticket, simply book your new trip on our website. After booking, send us the booking id from your old and new booking via the contact form. We will you refund the ticket amount of your originally booked trip for free.
It is important to inform us about the change promptly, and no later than 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

Special Guests and Pets

+ Are animals allowed on board?

Dogs, cats, animals

Bad news for cats, dogs and pet lovers: Unfortunately animals are not allowed to travel on board or in the uncomfortable and dark baggage compartment of – a decision that was not easy to make, especially out of consideration for people suffering from an allergy pets are not allowed. Blind and guide dogs that are used as companions are of course excluded from this rule. However, we ask for a short notice in advance through our contact form.

+ Are blind and guide dogs allowed on board?

Guide dog, guide dog, service dog,

Guide and assistance dogs, if indicated in the pass, can be conveyed free of charge in the passanger compartment. It is nessacary that you send us an e-mail to up to 72 hours before departure with a scan of the severely disabled person's pass on which your guide dog should be also registered.

+ Are there child seats on the bus?

Child seat, booster seat, baby carrier, Maxicosi,

Unfortunately, our buses have no child seats, but you are free to bring a seat for your little ones. Please note: All our coaches are equipped with two-point seat belts. Many car seats are not suitable for such a system. Therefore, please check the operating instructions of your seat, whether this can be used in two-point belt systems. Since there are few child seats that satisfy this, there is so far no legal obligation to use a child seat in coaches. This also applies to children, and special seats for them. Booster seats must not be used because they are not suitable for the belt system.
For babies we recommend using a baby carrier that can be attached to the lap belt.

+ I need an assistant person with me when I am travelling. Can he or she travel for free and what do I have to do for this?

A disabled person can take an assistance person for free on her or his journey with if a „B is shown in the pass.
It is also necessary that you send us an e-mail to up to 72 hours before departure with a scan of the severely disabled person's pass with entitlement to an assistance person that will accompany you on the journey for free. Otherwise you will be asked to pay the normal fare.

If you do not own a disabled person's pass but you are a person with reduced mobility you can also be accompanied by another person for free. Please send us a valid documents which shows that there is a necessity of having an assistance person with you while you are travelling.

ATTENTION: Please note, that different conditions apply on all trips with our cooperation partners:
Eurolines: Disabled persons receive a discount of 50% on normal fares. Asstistance persons can travel for free on domestic journeys up to 250 km, on international routes of more than 250 km they need to pay 50% of the normal fare.
CitybusExpress:  Disabled persons cannot travel for free, instead the normal fare is charged. Asstistance persons can travel for free.

+ Is there a discount for children, pensioners and students?

On many routes, we offer a discount for children up to the 15th birthday! These are charged 50% of the price that an adult would pay. Beware that this does not apply to children traveling alone. The children's discount applies only if they are accompanied by an adult. Children traveling alone pay the full price.  
To see whether there is a discount on your selected route, just search for your ride and hover over the price tag. There you will see whether a discount for children is applicable.  
For all others, if student or minister - same place, same price! Have a look on facebook and stay tuned for latest news and vouchers.

+ Can children travel without adult accompaniment?

Children, minors, unaccompanied, without parents, singles, teens, teenagers, school children

We at also look forward to young passengers. As we work together with various partners, there are different rules governing the travel of unaccompanied children. Please contact our customer service before you book a trip.