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Search and book

How can I book a trip?

In what ways can I pay for my ticket?

For online bookings you can pay for your ticket by credit card, Paypal or Sofortüberweisung.

I booked a ride and did not receive a booking confirmation.

There can be several reasons for this: Perhaps your booking confirmation has ended up in the spam folder. If you can not find it there, you may have entered a wrong email address. In this case, please contact our cooperation partner GoEuro directly.

Can I reserve a specific seat?

This varies from provider to provider. Some offer seat reservations for an additional fee. You will be advised of this option in the booking process. For most providers, however, there is a free seat choice, according to the motto: first come, first serve!



Your journey

Do I have to wear a seat belt?

All passengers must wear seat belts while driving. By the way: Officially, children are not requried to sit on a special child seat while driving, but you can bring a seat with you if you want to. Booster seats must not be used because they are not suitable for lap belts. For babies, we recommend using a baby carrier that can be attached to the lap belt.

How do I find the bus?

The exact departure point of your bus you will find in the booking confirmation, which will be sent to you by email. In your booking confirmation you can also see which carrier operates your trip and which bus branding you have to look for. If you are unsure, ask the nice bus driver if you are on the right bus! They also like to help you.

Can I just show up to the bus, even though I did not purchase a ticket beforehand?

Whether for your connection the ticket purchase with the bus driver is offered, you can bring with the respective offerer of the journey in experience. The cash price is usually a bit higher than the previous online booking, but you are totally flexible up to the last minute.

Do I have to bring my travel confirmation and ID?

After successfully booking your ticket, you will recevie a confirmation by e-mail. With some providers, it is sufficient if you show your ticket when entering the bus on your smartphone. However, other providers insist on a printed ticket. You can read this in your booking confirmation. Please also bring an identity document (identity card, passport, driving license, etc.).

What is the meaning of life?

Hedonism, Hinduism, humanism - everyone says something different. Some also say that the answer to the question of the meaning of life is forty-two.. We also do not know exactly. We only know that traveling is not far away from it. The best is of course travelling with, sitting near the window and looking outside. Great travel, great life! ♥

When should I be at the bus stop prior departure?

Please check in your booking confirmation exactly when you have to be at the departure point. We recommend to be at the bus stop at least 15 minutes before departure unless otherwise stated on your booking confirmation. The bus leaves on time and can - out of consideration for the other passengers - not wait.



We are a united group and want to rent an entire bus. How's that working?

Just send us an inquiry using our contact form. We will come back to you with an offer. The offer sounds good to you? Excellent! Just let us know and we will take care of the rest!

Are the bus and its driver available for the entire day?

In the field "Anmerkungen/Comments" of the form you can tell us all your wishes. This includes whether the bus and the bus driver should be available for you all day.

Does the bus drive to our desired pick up points and times?

If you rent the entire bus as a group, you decide where you start and where you want to arrive! Please contact us and we can find the best offer for your individual needs.

Is the fare going to be cheaper if more than 30 people want to ride with us on the bus?

Please let us know the number of passengers you expect as precisely as possible. Our offer includes a fixed price for the entire bus. The more passengers you are, the lower the price for the individual is.



How much baggage can I take?

This depends on the carrier of your journey. You will find the information about the luggage regulation in your booking confirmation. We recommend basically to label your luggage with your name, your address and your telephone number and to identify it well, so that there is no confusion.

May I also take bulky luggage with me?

On certain lines you can also carry bulky luggage such as musical instruments or sports equipment. Please ask before your trip or your booking with the respective provider of the journey, whether the transport of bulky luggage is possible during your journey and whether you have to pay additional fees.

May I take my bike?

On certain connections you can also take your bike with you. This behaves as with the bulky luggage. Please ask for bike transport with the respective provider before you book a ticket for the journey. They can tell you if there is enough space in the bus. For bike transport you usually pay an additional fee.

Are strollers and wheelchairs carried free of charge?

Yes, of course, strollers, wheelchairs and all other orthopedic devices (such as Crutches, etc.) are carried free of charge. Please notify this in advance at the provider of the trip, so that it can be checked whether there is still enough space in the bus.


Cancel or change booking

I booked a trip and do not want to take it anymore. How can I cancel my booking?

Depending on the provider of your trip different cancellation conditions apply. You will find these on your booking confirmation.

How can I change my ride?

For some journeys you can change your reservation for a fee. To see the conditions for your journey, please refer to your booking confirmation.


Special passengers and pets

Are blind and guide dogs allowed on board?

Guide and assistance dogs, if indicated in the pass, can be conveyed free of charge in the passanger compartment. Please contact the carrier before the trip regarding to this.

I need an assistant person with me when I am travelling. Can he or she travel for free and what do I have to do for this?

A disabled person can take an assistance person for free on her or his journey if a "B" is shown in the pass. If you do not own a disabled person's pass but you are a person with reduced mobility you can also be accompanied by another person for free. In both cases it is necessary to contact the carrier before the journey and send valid documents to register your assistance.

Are children allowed to travel without an adult companion?

Depending on the carrier, there are different rules regarding the ride of children traveling alone. Please contact the respective provider of the journey before you book the trip!



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