Conditions for the reimbursement of public transport tickets as part of your trip reimburses passengers public transport tickets up to a price of € 3.00 if public transport is used before or after arrival of a trip to or from a stop. The price of the public transport ticket is refunded in the form of a voucher. The following conditions apply.


  1. Scope of reimbursement of urban transport
    The action is aimed at all passengers who use public transport before or after their long-distance bus trip with to reach their final destination from their starting point to the remote bus stop or from the remote bus stop. Rides with public transport are refunded up to a value of 3,00 € in the form of a voucher from if they take place up to 120 minutes before or after the trip with Reimbursement is only possible after submission of a corresponding public transport ticket via the online form provided.

  2. Requirements for reimbursement of urban transport
    The reimbursement of a public transport ticket in the form of a voucher from is subject to the following prerequisites:
    (A) There is a booking for a trip. Trips from co-operation partners such as CityBusExpress or Eurolines are excluded from the promotion.
    (B) The journey to be made by public transport takes place at least 120 minutes before the start or after the arrival of the trip. The time of the timestamp of the public transport ticket is decisive for the deadline.
    (C) The public transport ticket to be refunded is submitted within one week after the journey via the online form provided. The departure time of the trip marked on the confirmation of the booking is decisive for keeping the deadline.
    (D) One public transport ticket can be submitted and reimbursed per booking. Each public transport ticket can only be submitted once.

  3. Processing the reimbursement of urban transport
    After submitting a public transport ticket, the subscriber receives an individual coupon code within 72 hours to the e-mail address given at the submission. This only takes place if the above-mentioned prerequisites are considered to be fulfilled after examination. The amount of the voucher corresponds to the price of the public transport ticket, but does not exceed a maximum of € 3.00. The voucher is valid for three months from the date of the public transport ticket. It can be used for trips in the route network; except for journeys of our co-operation partners such as Eurolines or CityBusExpress. The voucher is not valid in the Merchandise Shop of A combination with other vouchers is not possible. The voucher code can be redeemed at, by phone on 069/17 53 73 200 or in partner travel agencies of

  4. Abuse under the reimbursement procedure reserves the right, at its own discretion, to exclude persons from the reimbursement if there are justifiable reasons. These include, for example but not limited to:
    (A) manipulation of the action,
    (B) violations of the terms,
    (C) false or misleading information in connection with the participation in the action.

    In the case of misuse, may cancel booked tickets as part of the reimbursement. In this case no costs will be reimbursed.

  5. Termination of the reimbursement reserves the right to terminate the action without prior notice and without notification of reasons. Public transport tickets submitted before the end of the event remain unaffected.

  6. Privacy points out that personal data are not passed on to third parties without the consent of the passenger, nor are they provided third parties for their use. Personal data are collected, stored and used exclusively by for the purpose of checking and transmitting vouchers.

  7. Other conditions
    In addition to the terms of this reimbursement, the general terms and conditions of of apply.