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Golden city on the Vltava

The Golden City on the Vltava should actually be known to you from history lessons, keyword: Prague lintel. Prague spring. Prague is not only rich in history but also hip, young, alternative and beautiful. The rest of the Czech Republic increasingly distances itself from the metropolis, because the otherwise barren and rural life has little to do with the richness of facets that one encounters in Prague. Curious? Here you will find our ultimate tips for your trip to Prague.

Staying in Prague!

For an affordable weekend for backpackers in Prague: The Arpacay Backpacker Hostel is just a few steps away from the Prague Castle and for over 190 kroner the night! For a more luxurious and funky stay: The One Room Hotel (6 *) in the Tower Park has only one hotel room at a height of around 70 meters! One night in the Luxurious Suite costs a whopping 1000 euros.

Sightseeing in Prague!

The obligatory program in Prague is manageable and can be done in one day. Due to the short distances, it is not worth buying a ticket for public transport. Public transport usually does not go to the really interesting places in Prague anyway.


You can start your shopping tour at the Powder Tower, for example. Incidentally, the powder tower owes its name to the black powder stored in it. From Pulverturm, follower the lanes of the old town in the direction of the river. You will see the way to the many souvenir shops that line the streets. Arriving at the old marketplace, you may be lucky and a regional market invites you to linger. Highlights are in any case the Easter and the Christmas market which are presented in a magical, baroque setting.


The astronomical clock at the town hall in the marketplace attracts many visitors with a glockenspiel on the hour. But beware! The crowd of people waiting is an Eldorado for pickpockets. Continue in the direction of Moldova and towards Charles Bridge, always following the tourist flow. Once there, it's best to cross the bridge, past street musicians and postcard sellers.

As a last mandatory point of our daily program we recommend you the ascent to the castle. For the hilly ascent you will be rewarded with a wonderful view of the city. Even a walk in the castle garden is not to be despised.


If you want to know more, just join a guided tour. There's still a lot to discover, whether it's a Kafka museum, a Jewish cemetery or a romantic boat trip in the dark on the Vltava, you decide what to do in Prague.

Eating in Prague!

In general, the Czech cuisine is hearty. Vegetarians and friends of vegetables have only limited choices here. The main courses are usually composed of a large piece of meat, gravy and dumplings. So it's no wonder that spaghetti carbonara is on the menu as a vegetarian dish in one or another of Prague's local eateries.


At the Lokál Tavern in Dhoua 33 you sit at the long table with locals and enjoy traditional, no-frills cuisine. A sparkling specialty here is the tankové pivo from the brewery Pilsner Urquell, which is tapped directly from the tank. And it is also super cheap, with about 27 Czech crowns!


Good local snacks include Klobasa, the coarse Czech bratwurst with Kremska (creamy, sweet-hot mustard) and the Czech version of Leberkäses, called Sekaná. A top address for a healthy appetite is the pub U Fleků in Křemencova 11 with its own brewery.


Topinky tastes excellent with beer, which are roasted slices of bread that are simply rubbed with two served garlic cloves. Sometimes you also get a cheese dip, for example in the lively pub U Provaznice, very close to Wenceslas Square.


Bright spot for vegetarians: Beas vegetarian dhaba - Tucked away in a small alley behind the old market square, this restaurant offers fresh, vegetarian, Indian food in a canteen style with a bit of idiosyncratic opening hours.

Celebrating in Prague!

The nightlife in Prague is at least as exciting as it is intense. Sporty drinks in The Pub, because there you can tap your beer on the table itself. You can follower how much beer you've had on screens - also visible for other tables. In Prague, a lot is about good beer. In Pivovarský klub you have the choice of around 240 beers. This is also reflected in the menu.

If you're feeling like celebrating after so much beer, then a lot of DJs at the Cross Club provide you with the best music. If you want, you can also join a pubcrawl. In the summer months, employees of the various vendors in the old marketplace romp around to attract potential customers, so just keep your eyes open.

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