Cityguide Konstanz

The all-rounder on the Lake Constance

A visit to the city on Lake Constance is worthwhile - not only in the summer. When you arrive by bus in Konstanz, it is only a few meters to the city center, the lake or even to Switzerland. Here are a few tips for your trip to Konstanz.

Staying in Konstanz!

You can stay overnight, for example, in the Konstanz Youth Hostel in the Otto-Moericke-Turm. Here you can spend the night in the idyllic suburb Allmannsdorf in a former water tower. We would especially like to recommend theAndy Hostel. In the family-run guesthouse you will never feel alone:)

Sightseeing in Konstanz!

Konstanz is an all-rounder! Perfect for a relaxed holiday on Lake Constance, for sports, for studying, for a cultural and cultural trip and so on ... If the weather allows for it, you should first enjoy the breathtaking view over the lake - preferably from the stairs of the DLRG Cottage at theStrandbad Horn (Hörnle).

The way to the lido is worth it: Follow the shore along Seestrasse. Of course, while you're at the lake, you should also check out the slow-movingImperia: it's probably the only monument to a prostitute. Of course, there is also a boat trip on Lake Constance, for example in the direction of Meersburg.

If the walk is canceled due to bad weather, head to theZebra Cinemafor an interesting selection of independent films. Then walk around the old town with its medieval houses and walls. When the evening approaches, Konstanz offers a lot to please your stomach and soul.

Eating in Constance!

For a trip to Lake Constance we recommend homemade Badische Pizza, also calledDinnele. Since Konstanz is located in Baden (and not in Swabia - to say that is considered an insult to any Konstanzer) of course, you can try a typical regional food.

How does this Dinnele work? Take a flat dough (ready or home-made), top it with a ham-cube-cheese-onion-sour cream mixture and put it in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees. Yum! If you find the Schwyzerdütsch (Swiss-German) as charming as we do, then you will find in the restaurantIn the Towerthe company of many other Swiss, who eat together comfortably. & Nbsp;

Celebrate in Constance!

If you like live music and poetry slams, go to theKlimperkasten on Bodanstraße. The best Irish Pub in Constance is theLogans on Zogelmannstraße. Of course, there are also live music, pub quizzes and delicious bites for hungry stomachs. Regular concerts of mainly German-based bands are available in theKulturladen. The club, which has been in existence for 25 years, has already welcomed well-known bands such as Clueso, Deichkind, Patrice, Revolverheld and many more. The annualOpen See Festivalat the Stadtgarten Konstanz also offers you an unforgettable evening, free of charge and outside, which you should not miss.

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