Cityguide Cologne

The city at the Rhine

Cologne, the famous city on the Rhine, is ideal for traveling by long-distance bus - whether as a starting point or destination. From the conveniently located stop at the Cologne Bonn Airport you can easily travel on or you are fast by train or subway in the city center. Whether you are in Cologne for a long weekend or just want to see the city, we'll help you with the best information and nightlife tips!

Staying in Cologne!

If you have a long day behind you, there's nothing better than being at home. At the Hostel "Die Wohngemeinschaft" this feeling is almost guaranteed. Individually designed rooms, its interesting guests and the central location with reasonable room rates, make it the absolute tip.

Sightseeing in Cologne!

If you're in Cologne, you will not be able to avoid seeing the famous Cologne Cathedral, at least from afar. A close look at Cologne Cathedral is definitely worth it! Put on the sneakers and climb the 157.38 meter high tower. You will be rewarded with a wonderful view over Cologne and you can boast of being on the third highest church building in the world.

Just after Cologne Cathedral, the old town of Cologne with its winding streets is worth a visit. To complete the visit to the picturesque cityscape, we recommend a walk along the Rhine.

If it's too cold outside for you, just go to one of the many museums. The most famous is the Cologne Chocolate Museum with the famous chocolate fountain. However, if you only want to do the excursion because of the Chocolate Fountain, you should know that the waffles with the liquid chocolate have been spent by employees of the Chocolate Museum for some time and you can not snack as much as you used to (insider Knowledge of a chocolate addict).

If you think about Cologne, you should not miss the notorious Kölner Karneveval, but later on in the section "Celebrate" more.

Eating in Cologne!

As you know, Kölsch is the only language you can drink! And of course, the people of Cologne are extremely proud on their beer. The enjoyment of a Kölsch is therefore compulsory for every visit to Cologne!

To enjoy the Kölsch in company with Rhenish Frohnaturen, you best go to one of the numerous breweries (eg. Reisdorf, Früh or Gaffel). There rules the Köbes (has the functions of a waiter, but should NEVER be addressed with the term "waiter") on the allocation of Kölsch. You should not try to order cocktails or something similar from him.

The Kölsch comes classically in 0.2 glass. To increase this abundant uneconomic amount, it is advisable to order a wreath immediately. The wreath is a round tray with handle in the middle, which has holders for 11 glasses. If that's still not enough for you, then the Pittermännchen is recommended, a 10 liter keg that will be brought to the table for self-tapping.

If you've successfully mastered the order, you can dine. Most people fail at the halven rooster, which is not half a grilled chicken, as is to be suspected, but half a rye roll with butter, spicy mustard and a thick slice of gouda. If you are feeling hungry we recommend Himmel & äad, which comprises of black pudding, onions, mashed potatoes and applesauce.

Celebrating in Cologne!

The club density in Cologne, how could it be otherwise, is quite high. On the Cologne Ring (boulevard streets around the city center of Cologne) Cologne and especially tourists frolick. Which location is best for you, you'll find out for yourself: From student and alternative (Das Ding) to super chic and stylish (Diamonds), there is a wide range.

To properly celebrate you don't necessarily have to be in the city center, because even in the other neighborhoods it can be quite beautiful. For example, in the district Ehrenfeld: The Live Music Hall in Ehrenfeld has the charm of an old factory building, a young, rather alternative audience and it is at the forefront when it comes to exciting locations for live concerts! Another insider tip is the Backes, the self-styled center for the essentials, where you often meet comedians, authors and other heroes of the scene.

If you're more of a bar-type, then Cologne offers you an awesome pub culture.

For those who like it sociable, check out the sing-along concert that takes place every Friday in Gaffel am Dom

Now a little excursion to the Cologne Carnival: The Cologne Carnival is not indispensable from Cologne. A phenomenon that seems a bit strange to any newcomer is the fervor with which the people of Cologne go to work when it comes to their beloved "Fasteloven". In November it starts, on 11.11. at 11:11 at the Altermarkt. From January, the foolish countdown will start and everything will be prepared for the great days, which include a mixture of cabaret performances, music and dance. Of course you can celebrate everywhere in Cologne during Carnival! Whether on the streets, in bars or clubs - everyone is in a good mood and that is the most important thing about carnival!

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