Cityguide Erlangen

Let's head to Erlangen!

Erlangen is the smallest of the many big cities in Bavaria. But as the saying goes: small but fine. The charm of the small town is extraordinary. The botanical garden in the city center is truly a little paradise. Here are some more tips for your city trip to Erlangen.

Staying overnight in Erlangen

In the guest house of Schoenamsgruber you will be offered a whole apartment with new furniture. The apartment is located very close to the center. One night starts at 35 euros.


Sightseeing in Erlangen

Erlangen has a lot to offer, such as the stumbling blocks in which Erlangen and 127 other German cities participate. The stones are meant to commemorate the persecution and murder of Jews during the Nazi era.

Once a year, the ARENA theater festival takes place in the city. It is a great way to get to know the young artist scene. For a week, the city is all about performance, dance and physical theater. As an absolute theater junkie, you should be there!

Eating in Erlangen

Take a little break in the Café Mireo. Every Sunday from 10 o'clock you can briskly brunch and fill your stomach :) Especially recommended are the starter plates, which will introduce you to the variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

If you prefer classic German meals, then you will find the typical Bavarian cuisine in the Kitzmann Bräuschänke.

Celebrating in Erlangen

The Bombe in Erlangen will accompany you all night with music and drinks. The club is located in the center of Erlangen and is easily accessible by public transport or even on foot.

The Erlkönig invites you to chill out with its Bavarian charm in the center of the city. The Lounge is also easily accessible by public transport or on foot and offers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The evening program in Erlangen leaves nothing to be desired and has something for every taste.

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