Cityguide Aachen

Let's go to beautiful Aachen!

Germany's westernmost city can look back on a 2000-year history, during which many sights have been created that give the city a unique charm.

Stay overnight in Aachen!

Would you like to spend a night in the dragon or jungle room? The Hostel Aachen offers you individually designed rooms and reasonable prices, where you can sleep well and relax after a long journey by long-distance bus.

Sightseeing in Aachen!

Ever heard of the devil thumb? Legend has it that the thumb of the devil is personally in one of the lion's heads at the entrance doors of Aachen Cathedral! It is worth taking a look. And while you're at it, have a look at the cathedral itself. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 1978) and a landmark of the city.

Nature lovers will find plenty of greenery and tranquility in the Elisengarten or Westpark, which is very popular with students in the city. The CHIO Aachen (Concours Hippique International Officiel) is just right for fans of equestrian sports. The international equestrian sports tournament has been held in Aachen for over 90 years and is rejoicing over hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

The Aachen Carnival is the first in which the carnivalists have worn uniforms. The people of Cologne claim it for them, but they have actually copied the custom from their western neighbors.

Eating in Aachen!

Bagels in their best form and freshness, for example with salmon, avocado and salad (Mmmh!). Freshly squeezed juices, make every gourmet's heart beat faster in Bagels & Beans. After an extensive Aachen exploration tour, you can get great food in the Vielharmonie with a large tapas buffet. For dessert, you can treat yourself to a few Aachener Printen, which also taste great in summer! For example, you can order printen at the Café & Bakery Nobis-Printen at Münsterplatz 1-3. Since 1858, the Nobis family sells the famous Printen.

Celebrate in Aachen!

You can start your evening tour in the bar Hildegart directly at the Aachener Markt. Plushy, retro and sensationally good cocktails are just some of the buzzwords associated with the Bar Hildegart. Then it's time for concerts, cabaret or hip DJs at the turntables in the Jakobshof, there is always something! The König-City, right on Elisenbrunnen, is open daily until 6 o'clock in the morning, even on weekends until 7 o'clock, where you can find yourself with many night owls on a last nightcap. You like traditional cinemas? Then you should definitely go to the Apollo cinema at Seilgraben 8.

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