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You are not really sure where you should go next? No problem! We have curated high quality travel guides with our personal tips for the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Starting with overnight accommodation, we further explore the highlights of the cities, and also give recommendations for meals and to celebrate. This guide will give you many ideas for your unforgettable city trip.

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About DeinBus.de

Long distance relationships, desire to travel, studying abroad - your mobility is more important than ever!  We have established DeinBus.de to offer you a comfortable and convenient way of traveling: in large, modern coaches for an affordable price.


DeinBus.de was founded by Alexander Kuhr, Ingo Mayr-Knoch and Christian Janisch during their studies. In their semesters abroad, they asked themselves why there are no long-distance buses in Germany - and brought the idea to Germany. Since 2009 DeinBus.de is a modern transport service company that enjoys people with cheap and high-quality long-distance traffic.

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