• Travel Germany by bus

Travel Germany by bus!

Long distance relationships, desire to travel, studying abroad -  your mobility is more important than ever! Train rides can be expensive and carpooling is often unreliable. We have established to offer you a comfortable and convenient way of traveling: in large, modern coaches for an affordable price.

In Germany, the coach is the new alternative to go from A to B for a friendly price - and with neat extras! We operate our lines in a fixed schedule, in many compounds, even several times a day. On your ride, you can enjoy free wifi access, free books and magazines and drinks for a low price.

We operate bus lines in Germany and also cross international borders: currently we’re heading to Prague (CZ) and there’s even more to come. Click on the little map to see our full transport network.

You can find all information on how to book, where to find the bus and how to choose the comfiest seat in our frequently asked questions. If there’s still a question unanswered, feel free to write or to call us. Our multilingual staff is happy to help! Telephone: +49 69 17 53 73 200

Our fares start at 5 €. You always get the cheapest price when buying online, but if you would like to stay flexible, you can also buy your ticket from the driver right before your trip.

How to get your ticket

Online booking

Simply compare and select connections on our website and pay by direct debit, credit card or various online payment services (e.g. PayPal). You always get the best price if you book online. As our booking procedure unfortunately is not yet available in other languages, read this walkthrough to help you with our german booking routine.

Telephone booking

If you rather like to book with help of a „real“ person, please don’t hesitate to call us and make your booking by call! In addition to your regular fare price (which is always the current online price), we charge an extra service fee of 3€.

Buying a ticket on the bus

You like being flexible about your trip? No problem. You can approach our drivers right before the trip and buy a cash ticket at the bus. Note that we can only accept cash payments and it is not possible te reserve seats in advance. Therefore, passengers with an online-booked ticket have priority and you will be taken only if therre are seats left.

Help! Your site is in German! How can I book my ticket?

We’re really sorry! At the moment, we can only offer our booking procedure in German for technical reasons. We are intensely working on a solution for our beloved foreign guests but for the moment it is only possible to book in German. However, to help you through, we have a little Step-by-Step explanation of the booking in English for you to use. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us.

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